P’Petual was established in November 1997 and is an industry pioneer in greenhouse farming in Australia. We are one of the largest greenhouse vegetable growers in Australia and our greenhouses are located in Buckland Park on the Adelaide Plains, 32 kilometres north of the city of Adelaide in South Australia.

P’Petual grows and markets a wide variety of greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers and eggplants and our produce can be found 365 days a year in leading supermarkets and greengrocers all around Australia.

All our 12 hectares (120,000m2) of greenhouses are modern and are equipped with the latest specialised equipment.

The most important piece of technology which we utilise is our Climate Control Computer which controls the environmental factors during growing such as heating, fogging, irrigation, plant nutrition requirements and shading in the greenhouses. The computer keeps track of all relevant information enabling us to gain a comprehensive understanding of all factors to ensure we produce and supply quality produce.

The environment is very precious to us and we adopt sustainable green farming practices and the latest technologies to try and ensure that we minimise our impact on the environment. As part of this, P’Petual embraces an intensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program that uses beneficial bugs and organisms to control pests and stimulating healthy plant growth therefore minimising the need for releasing pesticides into our environment.

Water management is a very important farming tool and has seen us introduce a water recycling system. The water recycling system works by collecting water that has been fed to the plants which the plants do not use. Once this water is captured it is then sterilised and recirculated to the plants greatly reducing the amount of water normally used.

We have invested in a CO2 capture facility which catches the CO2 produced from our heating system preventing it from being released into the environment therefore greatly reducing our carbon emissions. Once this CO2 is captured it is then piped back into the greenhouse. The plants benefit from the CO2 as it acts like a fertiliser to their system and they thrive on it resulting in an increase in plant growth and production.

Our green practices do not and will not stop here and we are always looking for efficient ways to make our farm greener.

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