P’Petual CARES for the environment by using sustainable farm practices. The preservation of the environment around us is one of our main priorities and we need to ensure that the environment around us is protected for our wellbeing and that of our future generations. Greenhouse farming is an ideal method of farming to achieve the conservation of our environment due to the following reasons:

Land Conservation

With greenhouse farming more produce can be planted in a smaller amount of space meaning that the footprint of a farm can shrink dramatically.

Unlike traditional farming methods, we are able to replant in the same greenhouses every growing season, never having to rotate crops or clear new land to give the soil a rest.

No Soil Erosion

Our plants are grown in a soil-less medium called cocopeat which means that the plants are isolated from the soil and there is no soil pollution.

Cocopeat is also an environmentally sustainable product as it is produced with the bi-product of coconut husks. When we have finished producing with the cocopeat we provide it to local field growers to improve their soil therefore reducing the amount of waste going into land fills.

Pest and Disease Control

Here at P’Petual we have implemented an intensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. This means that we use beneficial bugs to fight the ‘naughty’ bugs. If there are any weeds inside the greenhouses, it is hand pulled out. This reduces the use of pesticides and other nasty chemicals from being released into the environment.

Water Conservation

Water conservation in greenhouse farming is vastly better than conventional farming techniques. We collect rain water and use the water from our dam throughout the farm. We recycle the water we use. This reduces run offs into the soil around us and ensures that the environment around us is not polluted.

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