P’Petual has assembled a knowledgeable, experienced, skilled, hardworking and dedicated team of employees that will steer P’Petual towards achieving our vision.

P’Petual is very dedicated and loyal to our employees as we know that they are an integral part of achieving our mission and vision. We CARE for our employees by ensuring that they work in a safe, happy and fulfilling environment.

  • Our employees are protected from the harsh outdoor elements.
  • Our greenhouses have been ergonomically designed so that crops are grown at waist height helping in the prevention of back injuries.
  • The use of hydraulic scissor lift trolleys that adjust at the press of a button to the required height for crop workers to carry out tasks above shoulder height.
  • Training is provided for all staff to ensure that they carry out all tasks and use all equipment in a safe and efficient manner.

Happy and safe workers produce excellent quality produce which is obvious as soon as you see and taste our produce. We will continue in making the wellbeing, safety and happiness of our employees our top priority because we strongly believe that our employees are the important ingredient to our successful business.

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