Why grow fresh produce in greenhouses?

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A greenhouse has a controlled environment that protects our plants and produce against bad weather, disease and pests. This farming method provides plants with the ideal growing conditions ensuring that we have a reliable and high quality supply of fresh produce for our customers.

What does “Vine-Ripened” mean?

P’Petual only produces tomatoes which are Vine-Ripened which mean that the fruit is left on the plant to naturally ripen and is only picked when it has reached its optimum ripeness. No artificial means such as chemical gases are used in the pre or post harvesting to fasten the ripening process.

Is P’Petual’s produce genetically engineered or modified?

No, our produce is grown from seeds which have not been modified in any way.

How do you control pests?

P'Petual has implemented an Integrated Pests Management (IPM) program, a holistic approach which uses beneficial insects to control pests and stimulate plant growth. Basically we use beneficial bugs to combat the bad bugs reducing the need for the use of pesticides.

Does P’Petual pack their produce on site?

Yes, P’Petual packs all its produce on site using modern technology which packs our produce in a way as not to cause damage to the product.

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