P’Petual and all its employees show CARE to all our plants. Plants are nurtured and handled delicately to ensure that the plants produce premium produce.

We show CARE to our plants by carrying out the following:

  • Growing all our plants in environmentally controlled environments to ensure that the ideal growing conditions are maintained for the plants.
  • Every plant is nurtured by hand by highly trained staff members to ensure that it thrives.
  • Every plant is harvested by hand by highly trained staff that only handle our produce with the highest level of CARE to ensure we maintain our high level of quality.
  • Every plant is treated delicately and cautiously like a baby, closely observed using our 3 Level Scouting and Reporting program. This program closely monitors every plants progress and growth ensuring all plants receive the best care.
  • A Crop Register System is implemented to record every plants growth.
  • Strict hygiene procedures are practiced throughout the greenhouses to prevent cross contamination on our farm.

By showering CARE onto our plants, our customers will consume the freshest, safest and best quality produce. It is obvious that CARE to our plants is CARE to our valuable customers.

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