Here at P’Petual our Mission is to grow premium fresh produce in Australia. By using responsible farming practices we are committed to constantly delivering our customers safe, healthy, delicious and fresh food choices. Every employee at P’Petual shares this determination and is relentless in doing this without damaging our precious environment.

Our Vision is to be the best greenhouse vegetable grower in the world and we will achieve this vision by:

Employing the best employees

Our employees are fully trained, highly skilled and motivated and are committed to the same vision as the company.

Implementing the latest technologies

At P’Petual we adopt the latest technologies in the industry to assist us to produce a high quality product. We are continuously researching new technology to ensure our produce remains top quality and we exceed our customers’ expectations.

Using most suitable and safest tools and equipment

P’Petual’s greenhouses are modern and we utilise modern tools and equipment throughout the farm. We have ensured that our tools and equipment are safe and do not harm any of our employees. All our staff are trained in the safest and best way to use all our tools and equipment making work processes more efficient.

Implementing best practices

We will continue to research and implement the most efficient and best practices in the industry to help achieve our vision of becoming the best greenhouse vegetable grower in the world.

Conserve the surrounding environment

We strive to implement practices to ensure that our surrounding environment is maintained in a clean, green and beautiful manner by ensuring that our farming practices do not have any adverse effects to our precious environment.

Producing high quality and yields in any selected fresh produce varieties

P’Petual will continue to research and trial produce varieties to ensure that we only grow produce which taste great and is of a high quality which can provide yields that ensure continued supply to our customers all year round.

Having highest efficiency farming operation

P’Petual continues to research and implement efficient and best farming practices to improve our operation which benefits both our product quality and company performance.


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